$kinny Malon£ has been shaking up the streets of London, The melodic spitter is back with an Luke Warm-produced track “Rudeboi.” Malon£ continues to build a substantial core following as his music improves.

Stream the full single while you read our interview below.


$KINNY MALON£ is if you ask me, an embodiment of that is quirky and eccentric. Coming from Hackney (east London) from a single family home it was kinda mad growing up as it was quite rough. I got kicked out at 17 & just started writing music as a release, I quickly learnt you can change someone’s whole day with a lyric!
I like to be funny with it, you gotta have a sense of humour to do what I do. My music is like if you put ASAP, Skepta & XXXTENTACION (R.I.P) into a blender.

What’s the story behind your name?
When I was at uni, my girlfriend called me Skinny Malinkey (which I found out is a character from a fictional children’s story), I heard Skinny Malone & the rest is history. The introducton of the “$” and the “£, because Fallout used my name (lol) and it was messing with my traffic. The meaning behind the dollar sign and the pound sign, is because everything starts and ends with money.

Inspiration behind ‘RUDEBOY’?
So the story is mad, imagine someone sent me an soundcloud page and was like, you should work with him, he’ll appreciate it, fast forward two years I found it in my files to finish & fell in love with it all over again.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality?

So I like fashion, I actively customise my clothing, style & direct so though they are separate aspects of myself it’s what I use to build my person.

What’s your creative process?
Get high & zone out. Lol na, honestly there’s no set routine, it starts with an idea and then I’ll build from scratch. So for example I’ll write 1 bar and it’ll be funny but because of it I’ll get a video idea & from that the whole thing is built. I’m just a perfectionist that’s the only common denominator.

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