Under the Radar is Xintyn’s weekly celebration of upcoming talent. Each week, we’re spotlighting a rising artist who is bringing something new to the world of music and is capturing our hearts and minds (and ears).

This week, we’re featuring Death By Romy, The Los-Angeles based artist. Who’s music is so full of life, a heavenly voice that always merges together with ambient sounds to create something you can feel at all angles. From the softest of melodies to the most energetic rapping skills, Romy knows how to bend the genre limitation. She plans to keep blessing her fans with the constant hits as she looks to build and grow her name even more in the near future.


What’s the story behind your name?

Death By Romy was the name I came up with for myself when I was 15. At the time I was struggling a lot with my depression and suicidal thoughts I didn’t think much of myself and felt very alone, I wanted to die because I didn’t have enough hope in myself until I realized I was the only one stopping myself from really believing I was beautiful or work this life. So I said why not try to claim being something dark and bright since that’s just who I am.

DeathByRomy! Tell us a bit about your journey…

I was born and raised in midcity Los Angeles by Daniel and Dana Flores. Both of them total anomalies luckily worked so hard they will hopefully not have to work for too much longer LOL but for real my parents raised me in midcity LA I’ve been here my whole life! Angelino baby 🙂 I dropped out after one year of high school I was honestly tired of getting bullied by my peers and I said fuck this shit it’s music or nothing I have never stopped grinding since

Inspiration behind ‘Average’?

Average-simple, In this day and age the screen you’re reading right now seems to hold more power over most of you than your own lives and opinions of yourself I realize this after I continue to grow as an artist I saw how much hate seemed to only stem from others insecurities. I just made this song for myself to be honest and I was hoping it would help a bunch of girls as well so no they don’t need any other girls validation to be feeling herself Cuban took the torch and lit the flame tbh she really inspires me so that meant a lot she wanted to be a part of it

What’s your creative process?

Creative process….. eat breathe sleep write record shower repeat. Live a little lol then cry a lot and then go in and feel better 🙂 music is my fave form of therapy

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality?
I like meeting real people who just wanna grow learn and fuck around together we all have one body and mind and we all deserve to stop wasting our time here! I like meeting other creative who love to create as much is me and you just want to help this world as much as we can before we leave this place hopefully better for the ones to come after us

You’re quite different from other artists around right now, how would you describe your sound, attitude and energy?
I would describe myself as unapologetically me, that’s it here for u and here for myself that’s why I do this shit


Expect to hear more promising material from Death By Romy soon. For now, get acquainted with the visuals of Romy’s latest release ‘Average’ Ft. Cuban Doll

Or stream the fresh release of ‘High’ ft. Yung Bans below

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