Siena Liggins Makes a Standout Introduction With ‘Flowerbomb’


These days, it’s the norm for artists to be multi-hyphenates, but Siena Liggins really takes the term to the next level. The Detroit-based writer and singer identifies as a culture activist. Siena is also an events manager for hersocialapp.
Even though she’s been writing from a young age, Siena hasn’t released an original project of her own until now.

Siena! Tell us a bit about your journey so far…

I’ve been writing forever– short stories, plays, poetry, journals, you name it. I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger, but I really got into writing songs when I was eleven. Been writing pop songs ever since and just recently started writing at Assemble Sound which is where I’ve started to discover my sound and refine it as well. 🙂

Inspiration behind ‘Flowerbomb’?

The inspiration for Flowerbomb came so easily. There was a girl who I would never want to leave whenever she came around, but she had to for a few reasons. So, I wrote a song that encapsulated the high feelings of sex with someone that I was super into even when it was forbidden or kind of messy at times.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality?

Connection is really integral to my existence. I love meeting people and learning about the world around me. I watch nature documentaries and I listen to stories my grandma tells about her childhood.

What’s your creative process?

It all depends. I think I write my best stuff when I’m doing mindless tasks. A lot of song ideas come to me while I’m driving. So I start there with a melody and a few lyrics.

What to expect from Siena in near future?

Flowerbomb really took me by surprise with how well everyone received it. So, I definitely want to keep giving more of myself through music. Expect more singles very soon!


Today, “Flowerbomb” gets its own visual treatment directed by Terri Nash. Check it out below

Or you can steam it on spotify below:


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