One of the freshest sounds coming out of Philly today is from R+B duo FHAT. Its members, Sedric and Aaron, blend R&B with off-kilter electronic/pop melodies while switching duties between each other.

Today marks their first appearance on our pages with a fresh new song titled “Pleasure.” A pleasant and exciting listening experience, fun filled single.

The duo has been doing their part in reviving the genre of R&B, now it’s your job to listen and help spread the fruits of their labor. Stream their latest release while you read our interview below.


FHAT, What’s the story behind your name?
We were mid session making our first feature “Back to Life” and Aaron noticed we kept saying can you make it “Fatter” describing basslines or synth elements of the song. Thats when Aaron jokingly said let’s make a duo called FHAT with an F instead of P. And it just stuck!

Who is FHAT?
We are Sedric and Aaron, best friends and a gay interracial singing duo. Originally from Philly but currently residing in berlin Germany. We met at a party in LA in the Hollywood hills and the rest is history.

Inspiration behind ‘Pleasure’?
our journey has not been easy. The music industry is not an easy arena to navigate. But even though sometimes it’s hard, we don’t mind the pain when it comes with so much pleasure.

When did you started making music?
we have both been working creating music for years but we started working together in May of 2017

Who are your favorite musicians?
Nina Simone, Sade, Dusty springfield, Sarah Vaugh Pharrell, Stevie wonder, Jessie wäre to name a few

How FHAT was formed?
In London, In a writing session for “back to life” our first feature. Started as a feature but it was like people already felt the chemistry and wanted more!

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