Listen to Lucxs – Me & U

Under the Radar is Xintyn’s weekly celebration of upcoming talent. Each week, we’re spotlighting a rising artist who is bringing something new to the world of music and is capturing our hearts and minds (and ears).

This week, we’re featuring Lucxs, pronounced ‘Lucas’. Lucxs is a super smooth, super slept-on artist from South London, United Kingdom. Lucxs has a knack for those easy listening melodies that get stuck in your ear for hours, and ‘Me & U‘ is a shining example of that talent. Softly sung vocals swing over the wavy JB104 supplied production.

The moment I heard the beat I instantly fell in love with it, I was in the studio visiting the producer of ‘Me & U’ and we were just talking about music, life. He then played ‘Me & U’, by this time another artist, who happened to be Vianni already recorded a song to it but in the end, decided not to use the song. I then asked JB104 if I could use it to make a song to it, he said yes. Then the rest was history.

Check out the ‘Me & U’ by the young artist below