Jace Skies just submitted a high octane, menacing music video, titled “Lost In Hell”, and it should be checked out for sure. The Connecticut artist comes on the instrumental with power and takes off with laying his verse almost immediately. Skies clearly has a great sense of his musical capabilities as he was flowing with ease throughout the whole track and displaying great confidence in the music video captured by KeyLo Production.

In an Email exchange between Skies to XINTYN he stated

this track is different from my rest as it is a darker tone and is a metaphorical song about me being lost in hell, hell being this world and the demons represent the people and things that aren’t good for me like friendship betrayal, heartbreak, substance abuse and how I’m in a never ending cycle of hurt and anguish and no matter what I do or how good I am I can’t escape it.


Check the music video here:

Streaming Link: https://songwhip.com/song/jace-skies/lost-in-hell