How Russ took the L and changed it to W

Russ taking L” is nothing new to the people who follow hip hop, Regardless of his undeniable talent and intense work ethic, the rapper keeps getting flack, no matter what he does. The hate crossed another line when Mac Miller died (RIP) as some parts of social media claimed that Russ should have passed away instead. Today, Forbes’ puts him on the map as a winner within the Hip Hop industry,  “Russ is changing his L to W” now this may seem like an unpopular opinion but here some stats and facts to back up this opinion:

All this in a really short term,

Last week Russ released his sophomore album titled “Zoo“, Like much of Russ’ work, the LP demonstrates his skills on the mic and behind the boards. Guests on the project include Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg and Mahlia.

Stream the latest release below