Drake Sues Woman for Extortion, Fraud, Defamation: Report

Layla Lace is sued for allegedly making false pregnancy and rape claims, attempting to extort the rapper for “millions of dollars”

Drake has sued a woman who allegedly made false pregnancy and rape allegations against him in 2017, TMZ reports. According to the suit, Layla Lace met Drake during last year’s Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England, where he claimed they had consensual sex. He claimed that when he stopped responding to subsequent messages, she allegedly began threatening to leak their correspondence, publicly claimed he had impregnated her, accused him of rape, and demanded “millions of dollars” in exchange for silence. Drake is reportedly suing for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process. Pitchfork has reached out to Drake’s representatives for comment.

In May 2017, Lace allegedly hired a lawyer to sue Drake for defamation over a TMZ article where he claimed they’ve never met. Lace allegedly refused to take a paternity test, ultimately leading to “no credible evidence of pregnancy.” As Drake’s suit claims, she later reported to the New York authorities that Drake had raped her. According to Drake’s legal team, Lace’s lawyers demanded “millions of dollars” in exchange for silence about the rape case. The Manchester police reportedly interviewed and cleared Drake of sexual assault accusations when the case was referred to them.