Under the Radar is Xintyn’s weekly celebration of upcoming talent. Each week, we’re spotlighting a rising artist who is bringing something new to the world of music and is capturing our hearts and minds (and ears). This week, we’re featuring Oluto, The up and coming artist from Michigan who’s blurring genre lines by his unique & standout style.

For past few years, Oluto has been making music and evolving his sound, He define his sound as Neo-Wave and alternative hip-hop. Oluto explained the meaning behind his name:

Oluto is from another planet which is called Olutopia. Olutopia is a planet in which the sound of neo-wave music calms the people. Any aggressive music type will control olutopians and could possibly start a war. It was one-day Oluto was ordered to come to earth to help Darrick Funches (me) on his quest to find the right sounds to put to his music.

Today we are showcasing his latest release ‘Weakness

I had a super huge block draining my energy. Weakness was created when there was terrible things going on around me in my universe a lot of bad stuff going on in my house with my family and other things. During this time I felt like I had trust issues I couldn’t believe in myself I had the lowest self-esteem.

Check it out below: