Merci. J’s latest release “Give You My All”

NYC native Merci. J is currently gearing up for the release of his album and has delivered some new music. One of the new songs he has recently released is “Give You My All”, Talking about his past relationship from a different perspective. Here’s some insights about the song from the creator Merci J. himself

“Give You My All”.. That song was definitely a more emotional song for me because everything I said was literally what I was feeling during the time I was recording. It actually started of as a freestyle with like 4 lines and then I start writing off of that. Expressing exactly how I felt about my ex or girlfriend at the time. She was a girl that was only limited to seeing things one way. As for me, I like putting myself in other people’s shoes and at least trying to understand things from their perspective,

One thing I always told her and everyone else though, is that no matter who you vent to, and explain how you feel… and those people say they understand you completely. They never do. Never 100% because they are not you.


Take a listen here:


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