Cali Fuego starts something special with “Changed Up”

Known as Cali Fuego, from Richmond Ca, here is an artist completely fresh to our pages that has been actively writing and performing his own music ever since he was 13 years old. As a young man, Hip Hop raised him, specifically the traditional Bay Area boom bap, whether it was the Old School vibe or the smooth funk sound, he was observing it all.

The music Fuego reflects this. The sound he creates can differ from a smooth, lyrical and conscious song to a highly energetic club record.

Now he’s bringing back that Old Bay Area sound with a new twist. Fuego also has been featured in Murder Dog Magazine and has also released his first Mixtape on all digital outlets “RICH CITY HEATWAVE” back in March in 2016.

More importantly, Fuego actually cares about the content of his rhymes, rather than engaging in the ignorant overplayed material that other artist nowadays may. With a new video for his single “Changed Up”, Fuego addresses the people who turned their back when he needed them.

Changed Up was made due to everyone’s neglect. People Changed Up I had to cut people off so this was a message to all the people who did wrong by me and who gave up wen i needed them to staydown the most.

Watch the visuals for “Changed Up” below.

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