4 YT Placements
7 Playlists
150k+ Streams


After his UK tour The Feign reached out to us to make his fanbase reach global with a new release and make a strong dedicated fanbase outside of UK. 

The track ‘Cold Fever Dream’ had unique blend of minimal hip-hop elements, hypnotic deliveries, and dream-like melody, We knew if we target the right audience for this track then we can make this release count.

We started with targeting fans of artists with similar sound, and identifying outlets who featured similar artists before. Within the first week of release we were able to get placed on 2 major Youtube music channels [scroll忍 & Trash] and a major Spotify playlist 'Rap Essential' curated by RapTV.

Later on by the third week 'Cold Fever Dream' was featured on 'Good Energy' & 'Mellow Bars' editorial playlist.

On the starting of fourth week the track got picked by 'Discover Weekly' algorithm playlist. In the 9 week long campaign we were able to secure 150K+ Spotify streams & 20K+ Youtube Views.