Michigan’s Razz Na$-T has asserted himself as one of the premier talents to rise from the midwest in just the past year alone, as his project ‘This is Crows’ placed him on a new pedestal of popularity in 2018. Since this explosion, he has been releasing a heaping helping of memorable singles with always lavish visuals and continued to pioneer a new fanbase and establish himself as the stand out artist coming up from Michigan. While this is no easy task, Na$-T has made it look relatively easy, as his natural talent emanates through his vision and flows. Most recently, Na$-T gave visual treatment to his track ‘Werewolf‘ from his first album titled Midas Well’.

The song is not a conceptual one per se but, it is sprinkled with bits of thought provocation throughout that hold deeper intent. All in all it was an impromptu creation to just lose yourself in and have fun with.

Razz Na$-T