Razz Na$-T is no stranger to creating hypnotic head-trips with his music video output, but the Michigan rapper’s latest visual is in a different class entirely. Lah-Med is a gorgeously shot short film – utilizing track from the recent album This is Crows – that effectively functions as a showcase for Serious’ jaw-dropping rap skills.


Who is Razz Na$-T?
I hail from Grand Rapids Michigan. An aspiring musician and occultist working to create and get hella learned. I want to tickle the curiosity of my listeners and in turn hopefully open them up to new ideas or understandings that will help improve their lives, in turn improving the lives of those around them. Hippie shit like that. I also want to entertain people and tickle their fancy. Enjoying yourself is just as important as the rest.

What’s the meaning behind your name?
Thanksgiving 2008, Cousin Tony was talking about how he’s “so good” at giving people rap names. Then while up checking out the desserts I said to him “Raspberries are my shit, but this cobbler looks kinda nasty.” He quickly responded “Razz Na$-T.”
He came up with the spelling and the rest is history. Just livesstuck. Dollar sign satirical.

When did you get into music?
Started playing bass guitar and drums when i was 13. Just discovered heavy metal of all genres. Played in multiple bands through highschool. When i was 18 my boy Ogos showed me Aesop Rock and MF DOOM and we started freestyling together and writing and all that. formed a group called Mad Snipes and thus began my love of hiphop. The group has since disbanded but all still create together which is a blessing.

You have a track titled, “lah-med”, What is it about?
(lah-med) is in general just a statement saying ‘Don’t dedicate your life mind body and soul to any religious practice, without questioning it teachings and digging for answers and your own understanding. Doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions.’
I am not against people being religious or believing whatever the fuck they want to believe. But i don’t think that it is healthy for people to claim belief of anything like that just because you were raised with it or are afraid of the punishment that awaits for non-believers. We were all given a brain and we should use them. Reckless belief is hella dangerous.
Also many religious organizations and their “leaders” are all just as corrupted and disgusting as the justice system in America. They take advantage, time and time again, of people just looking for an answer, or some meaning. Greedy, slimy dogs.
Its really too bad.
It also has interlaced encouragement that aspiring occultists will hopefully be able to relate with or benefit from. [93 93/93].

Clearly your music is not what we get to see everyday, it’s different, How will you describe your music?
I love hip hop because it is limitless if you allow it to be. I produce and write any style that happens to fall out of me while I’m creating. The new album ‘This Is Crows’ has a fairly solidified dark sound to it. It has a lot of heavy bass lines and raw sounds that make an interesting blend that i really like. its a heavy, and at times, chaotic album. Paralleled to the albums meaning // representation.
I try to make every song sound different though. As well as every flow. Its always a fun challenge when you change it up and then creativity or style doesn’t get stale as quickly.
Raw, original, bass heavy, hip hop, I reckon.

Are there any artists that you look up to?
Organized Konfusion — Pharoahe Monch — EL-P — Edan (The Humble Magnificent) — Madlib — Wu-Tang Clan (RIP Ol’ Dirty.) — Pouya — Ghostemane — Sean Price (RIP) — Rob Zombie — John Waters — Alexandro Jodorowsky — Lady Frieda Harris — Matt Stone — Trey Parker –

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far, and what’s on your to-do list heading in to 2019?
My biggest accomplishment for me as an artist is the creation of ‘This is Crows’. I have played a lot of shows of all sizes, I’ve shared the stage with some bigger names, but Crows i spilled my heart into like i hadn’t before and its the first album that is only me. aside from Ogos working side by side with me on some of the music. So it was a good chance to really try to give myself to the listener.
To-do list is: — Continuously Create — Consistently release content — Craft a bond with new fans and say fuck any limitations.

So what’s next for you?
Next is promoting my new album ‘This Is Crows.’
I have quite a few music videos ready for release and they are all great. Shooting with Andy Miller of Orange Cap Pictures is a riot. As well as shooting with the homie Jarred Griffith from Green Mitten (who shot my Planet Cracker video out in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, and multiple others). I’ve got a lot of content I’m really excited to give to the people.
Along with that is a little cooking show I did for a while on snapchat that will finally be coming to youtube called “Na$-T Cooks!!” You’ll love that shit. I’m excited to be releasing one of those every few weeks. Just really trying to stay creative and find new fans and hopefully some bigger shows this spring and summer.


Stream the infectious project below and stay tuned for more from Razz Na$-T.