(Message of a Nation) is the freshest head nodding Yorkshire Hip-Hop collective combining Soul, Jazz and old school positivity mixed with awkward situations & romantic affairs. Touching topics of mental health and unstable living to bring you their debut 8 track E.P ‘Finding Home’, a reflection of modern times in young adults.

MOAN make the type of hip hop they want to hear. No mumbles, just concise tight rhymes over PHAT beats. MOAN release their material on Lucid Behaviours own Independent record label Polar Opposites Records, a platform for the underdogs.

Today we are featuring ‘Minimum Wage‘ off the EP, MOAN has a bright future ahead of them as they continues to develop their sound while releasing certified slappers in the process. The brief but impactful new release is sure to have you ready to apply some pressure of your own.

Press play on “Minimum Wage” below.

Check out the full project below: