Hailing from Sheffield, UK, MOAN take on our pages today for the first time. Comprised of producer Ben Woodward and artists Lucid Behavior & Sean Dee, the dynamic music ensemble is onto something big. The trio came together during a time of financial and social instability.

MOAN stands for (Message of a Nation), As their name suggests the group is using their voice to address the ups and downs faced by people in the real world, such matters as love, sex, money, jobs, a crippling economy, alcohol & drugs.

MOAN will be releasing their debut e.p. Finding Home by Polar Opposites Records during March 2019. In this project, the group wants to use their music to help build awareness of sensitive subjects such as homelessness and mental health issues in society.

Turning heads, their debut single, titled “Belief”, a positive and uplifting track representing the struggle within people’s lives as they strive for peace of mind. Check it out below:

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