By now we all know who YNW Melly is, Thanks to tracks like “Murder on my mind” and “Mixed Personalities Feat. Kanye West” but lately Melly’s been getting all the attention because of his double murder charge

What’s exactly going on with that? Here’s what i absorbed so far, Melly and 3 of his friends (Sackchaser, Juvy & Henry) left the Atlanta based recording studio late night (Around 3 AM), Riding on a Grey Compass Jeep, Henry was driving, Juvy was in front passenger seat, Melly was in rear left passenger seat and Sackchaser was in rear right passenger seat. Their phone network shows that all 4 of them were together, at 4:32 AM Melly separated from the group (3 of his friends), around 4:35 AM Cortlen Henry entered the Emergency Room at Memorial Miramar (1701 SW 172nd Ave) requesting assistance for the two passengers in his vehicle (2018 Jeep Compass with FL Reg #IEKD22) as they were shot multiple times. When the medical staff reached the Car both passengers were unresponsive. Both passengers on the right side of the vehicle were pronounced deceased by medical staff at Memorial Miramar. 

Now Henry was questioned about what happened, according to him he departed a recording studio in Fort Lauderdale with the two victims in his vehicle. Henry stated he drove on 1-595 to 1-75 and exited at Miramar Pkwy heading west. Henry stated that just past SW 160th Ave (Dykes Rd), a vehicle pulled next to him and started shooting. He lowered his body to avoid getting shot and when he sat up right his friends were shot so he immediately proceeded to nearest hospital.

Now that you know Henry’s side of story, You’ll notice few lies & things that is rising more questions

  • He did not mentioned that Melly was with them
  • When Henry left the recording studio he had a black t shirt on but when he reached the hospital he was wearing a hoody, after inspection police found out blood stains on his T shirt
  • Forensic reports and Autopsy shows victim were shot from the inside of car, From rear left passenger side, That’s where Melly was sitting.
  • Right after separating from his friends Melly’s manager picked him up
  • When questioned by Police Melly said he didn’t knew that his friends were involved in a shooting, but Melly facetimed his mom (Around 4:35 AM) and told her that he and his friends were involved in Drive by shooting.
  • Snap Chat account of Demons revealed he was communicating with his girlfriend (Mariah Hamilton) on 11/09/2018 (Just 14 days after the homicide) and he stated, “Dis nigga saved my life he koming everywhere wit me kuz if dem crackers come grab him it’s my fault u forgot???” “I keep Bortlen wit kuz at da end of the day he did one of a realist shit in my life.”
  • Drive-By shooting was staged because no shooting took place at the location Henry stated.
  • Witnessed, Henry and Melly lied to the police and their story is not matching with the evidence.

Everything that i written above is according to the court documents regarding YNW Melly’s case filed earlier this month which is now available to public.

If you go by the evidence then it’s clear Melly Shot 2 of his friends. But the question is WHY. Why would someone kill 2 of his childhood friends in cold blood?